the amount of hair i lose in the shower really concerns me

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#that first gif looks like they’re trying to kiss each other but they’re too drunk to find each other’s lips

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Is it weird that I’m not at all nervous about the next two episodes?  At least, not as nervous as a lot of other people seem to be.  I’m just, like, sitting here with my fingers crossed to see Beth Greene, hopefully sooner rather than later.  We’re going to see her, Daryl’s going to see her.  I just have some weird, absolute faith in that fact.  Yeah, I don’t know under what circumstances.  But I sure don’t think AMC is going to throw away all the stuff they built up for some unnecessary “manpain” or whatever.  Daryl’s already sobbed over Rick, Hershel, everybody.  They’re not going to get redundant and ditch 3 episodes worth of Bethyl-building all in one fell swoop.  That’s dumb, from a storytelling perspective.  Wasteful of resources.  Why spend money on all the sets for “Still” if it’s never going to add up to anything?  If Beth means nothing?  Why not just let her get eaten in “Alone,” if all they needed was a healthy dose of manpain injected into the Daryl storyline?  Why linger on Beth and Daryl in “Still” for an entire episode, showcasing all the little moments, when, in comparison, “Alone” was really rushed— and more so, that the Maggie/Sasha/Bob storyline in that episode was far, far more rushed than the Daryl/Beth storyline?  They’re going somewhere with this, guys.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not going to be easy.  Beth and Daryl aren’t just going to bump into each other on the side of the road and carry on blissfully, skipping and holding hands.  BUT, isn’t that the point?  Isn’t that what Norman said, that he really wants his character to earn his romance arc?  Long, slow burn.  Big payoff.  And I’m just excited, even if it means waiting until October.  Imagine getting to watch all that unfold onscreen, one small little touch at a time.  Imagine when they’re finally together again, and all that romantic, awkwardness that’s going to ensue.  It’s going to blow my freakin’ mind.  So I don’t mind waiting.  It’s going to be great, you guys.

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Rose/Doctor Moments: Journey’s End

"I’ve only got one life, Rose Tyler. I could spend it with you, if you want."

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Excuse me while I cry for forever.

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